West Souris River Conservation District
   Updated March 9, 2015


Landowners and communities in WSRCD face numerous challenges in sustaining long-term productive use of their natural resource base. District programs have been designed locally to manage soil and water resources in the area. The mandate of the WSRCD is to provide water and soil protection and management, wildlife conservation and environmental education programming to residents of the district.

The West Souris River Conservation District Board envisions a landscape where the land, water and related natural resources exist in a healthy sustainable state and are capable of supporting a healthy and economically viable watershed over the long term.

The West Souris River Conservation District recognizes the important links between human health and watershed health.  WSRCD through education, innovative leadership, community input and partnerships will strive to manage the watershed as a complex sustainable system emphasizing prevention and protection programs.

The participating RM's include Grassland, Pipestone, Sifton, Two Borders and Wallace-Woodworth.

2015 Board Members

Lloyd Atchison: Board Chairman

Dave Dickson:  Provincial Appointee

Wilson Davis:  Stony Creek Sub-District

vacant:  Plum Creek Sub-District

Richard Thiry:  North Pipestone Sub-District

Carey Murray:  Gainsborough Creek Sub-District

vacant: Jackson Creek Sub-District

Scott Phillips:  Central Souris Sub-District 

For More Information :

Phone:  (204) 877-3020
Fax:  . . (204) 877-3090
E-mail:  manager@wsrcd.com  Dean Brooker

West Souris River Conservation District
Box 339
Reston, Manitoba R0M 1X0


History of the West Souris River Conservation District

The West Souris River Conservation District (WSRCD) was officially incorporated as Manitoba's seventh Conservation District on January 1, 1995.  The West Souris River Conservation District (WSRCD) was formed in partnership with Pipestone, Albert, Sifton and Edward municipalities and the Province of Manitoba. On April 1, 1999 the R M of Cameron was added. A second expansion in April, 2002 brought part of the R M of Wallace into the district.  A total of seven sub districts were formed on the basis of the watersheds of several creeks within the district.  Boundary alignment with the Turtle Mountain Conservation District (TMCD) in 2004 saw the Souris River utilized as the boundary between the two districts.  Six sub districts now make up WSRCD. The West Souris River Conservation District (WSRCD) now covers approximately 4208 square kilometres (1625 sq. miles) of south western Manitoba and includes part or all of the municipalities of Albert, Arthur, Cameron, Edward, Pipestone, Sifton and Wallace.

In 2015 the RM of Wallace changed to Wallace-Woodworth, and the RM's of Albert, Edward and Arthur became the RM of Two-Borders. The RM of Cameron is now the RM of Grassland.

The WSRCD is governed by an eight-member board representing six subdistricts, five municipalities and the Province on Manitoba.  The original board members were: Gregg Fotheringham, (Chairman, 1995-2007), Lloyd Atchison, Darrell Elliott, Eugene Bender, Richard Thiry, Ron White and Bill Henderson (Provincial Appointee).  Other board members over the years have included Dave Dickson, Wilson Davis, Carey Murray, Scott Phillips, Manson Moir, Greg More and Doug Wilson. 

Glen Campbell was hired in 1995 as the Manager and retired in 2011.  Ina Cook has been the administrator since August of 1995.  Michael Herbert was hired in the spring of 1996 to assist with shelterbelt planting and is still with the district. Other full or part-time staff included Cole Turner, Vickie Paton, Chelsea Driedger, Tim Gomf, Carmen Martin and Joan Raimbault.  Many students and seasonal workers have assisted in program delivery over the years. 

Dean Brooker became the manager in January, 2011.
Scott Hainsworth started as Resource Technician in March, 2015.

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