West Souris River Conservation District
   Updated March 9, 2015


Over the years the conservation district has worked with governments, landowners, companies, schools, foundations and individuals to promote and carry out our mandate to make the district a better place to live and work. The bulk of our funding comes from the Province of Manitoba and the local municipalities but partnerships outside of governments have given opportunities to take on or expand programs beyond what government funding allows.

Do you have a pet project that fits our mandate and you would contribute cash, land, sweat or other input please give us a call? Or perhaps you feel our work is important enough to give us your support for general programs. The district can provide a charitable receipt for tax purposes.


Donations can be made in various ways:

- Gift or pledge of money
- Property
- Will and bequests
- Life insurance
- Tribute or memorial
- Charitable remainder trusts

You can make a donation at our office in Reston or do it on line through Canada Helps at www.canadahelps.org





The West Souris River Conservation District Board envisions a landscape where the land, water and related natural resources exist in a healthy sustainable state and are capable of supporting a healthy and economically viable watershed over the long term.

The West Souris River Conservation District recognizes the important links between human health and watershed health.  WSRCD through education, innovative leadership, community input and partnerships will strive to manage the watershed as a complex sustainable system emphasizing prevention and protection programs.

Contact Information for the West Souris River Conservation District

Dean Brooker . . . . . . . Manager

Ina Cook . . . . . . . . . . .Administrator

Scott Hainsworth . . . . . .GIS/Resource Technician


Phone:  (204) 877-3020
Fax:  . . (204) 877-3090
E-mail:  manager@wsrcd.com

West Souris River Conservation District
Box 339
Reston, Manitoba R0M 1X0